Consulting Services

In our Center of Excellence, Modal Technology Corporation is pursuing business development initiatives with a hand-picked group of customers to develop customized AI applications using ALiX and modal interval arithmetic technology.

A few areas of active collaboration with customers in our Center of Excellence include:

Cancer Research
Explainable AI to find biomarker signatures to diagnose, stratify, predict therapy outcomes and identify potential new drug targets
Cardiology Research
Explainable AI to find biomarker signatures of improvers and non‑improvers
Robotic Surgery
AI‑assisted high‑fidelity haptic robotic surgical systems
Military and Defense
Explainable AI for intelligence, reconnaissance and data analytics
Augmented Reality
Object recognition for manufacturing using small artificial neural networks

The Center of Excellence cultivates knowledge‑sharing, improvements to ALiX in the context of real‑world use‑case scenarios, and increased recognition of the explainable AI capabilities of ALiX, while improving the knowledge, insight and confidence of machine learning outcomes for our customers.

With our consulting services, fueled by the explainable AI power of ALiX, we can help you maximize the predictive power of your artificial intelligence.